Turkey And Germany Road Transport

Road transport between Turkey and Germany is one of the busiest shipping routes. There is a an intense logistics circulation with Germany, which accounts for a significant portion of Turkey’s exports and imports. Today, transport between the two countries is now provided not only by road, but also by a variety of alternative routes. These alternative routes consist of supporting the road transport with sea route and railroad. Firms choose the management that best suits them according to the type of their freight, their budget and the length of the delivery period.


Freight shipment between Turkey and Germany is carried out not only by road, but also by railroad and sea route. Rising environmental concerns and the widespread use of marine transport have also increased the use of the transportation model called RO-RO. This enabled the use of RO_RO in transport between the two countries.

Freight shipment between Germany and Turkey is supported by RO-RO.

Including RO-RO ships into the freight shipping process between Germany and Turkey is one of the most widely used methods.

First of all, in shipments from Turkey to Germany, freights are transported to the ports of Istanbul, Izmir or Mersin by road. The vehicles’ trailers are then loaded onto ships and transported to the port of Trieste in Italy. Trucks meet the trailers at the port of Trieste and the freight is transported to Germany via Austria.

The logistics process performed from Germany to Turkey is the exact opposite of the transport process from Turkey to Germany. First of all, the freight is transported from Germany to the port of Trieste by TRUCK and loaded on RO-RO ships. The freight taken from the RO-RO ship arriving at one of the ports in Turkey is transported to the destination address by road transport.

As a result, not only is the carbon footprint reduced, but so is the cost.


Recently, firms have been paying attention to railroad in terms of transportation in order to ensure sustainability. Supported by road transport, railroad offers economical, environmentally friendly and flexible solutions.

For this reason, railroad is a significant alternative in freight shipment performed between Turkey and Germany. The freights brought to Çerkezköy by TRUCKS are transferred to the train here and shipped to Germany. Freight arriving in Germany by train is then delivered to the delivery address by TRUCKS.

In the freight shipment from Germany to Turkey by train, the process is just the opposite. The freights arriving by train at Turkey’s borders are transported by road to their final destination.


Intermodal transport is the most popular transportation model of recent years. Intermodal transport is also performed by supporting the road transport between Germany and Turkey by sea route and railroad.

The freights taken from the customer are loaded on RO-RO ships and shipped to the port of Trieste. The freights arriving at the port of Trieste are then transferred to trains and shipped to Germany. The freight taken from the train is transported to the delivery address by TRUCKS.

Intermodal transport is one of the most environmentally sensitive transport models. Based on maritime transport supported by rail and road, intermodal provides flexibility in door-to-door delivery in freight transport between Germany and Turkey.


Fast transport, which is preferred for freights that you will sent from Germany to Turkey or from Turkey to Germany and need to be delivered quickly, is mostly chosen for freights that do not completely fill a TRUCK. By way of fast transport, which is carried out with small vehicles and usually by 2 drivers, your freights are transported between Germany and Turkey within a few days in line with your request.

Fast transport can also be performed for your larger freights through TRUCKS. Again, vehicles that set off with 2 drivers reach their destination in a much shorter time than normal transportation.


Another preferred method for freight transport between Germany and Turkey is airline transport.

Airline transport is a form of transport used especially for the delivery of freights that need to be delivered quickly. Airline transport, supported by road transport and offering door-to-door delivery, provides fast solutions for the transport of products such as medical stuffs and hazardous materials. In addition, road transport plays a key role in the transport of products to the airport and the transport of products from the airport to the delivery address.

The fact that both countries have large and technologically advanced airport infrastructure in terms of air freight transport in Germany and Turkey allows the freights to be transported quickly.


We have been performing road transport between Germany and Turkey for more than 35 years, through our large fleet of vehicles and our experienced personnel, with our Istanbul-based company Enco Lojistik, which was established in partnership with Germany. You can contact us from the contact form below to find out which logistics service is best for you and to get a price.

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Turkey And Germany Road Transport