Road Transportatıon, Its Scope And Advantages

Road transportation constitutes approximately 25% of Turkey’s foreign trade activities. The fact that it is a faster transportation model compared to sea transportation and a more convenient transportation model compared to air transportation is among the most important reasons why road transportation is still popular. Also, sea, air and rail transportation cannot always access to the desired location due to both infrastructure and geographical features. Road transport can play a complementary role at this point.

Points to be considered while making the logistics decision. The advantages and disadvantages of each model and the type of load should be evaluated within itself. A few notes to keep in mind when considering road transportation service;


The first advantage is that road transportation is a fast method for short and medium distance transport.

It is a flexible transportation model. It enables door-to-door transport.

It also provides flexibility in creating routes. Creating road routes is much easier than sea, air and rail routes.

As a result, speed and flexibility support it in terms of being competitive model in regards to price.

It allows the transportation of many product classes that cannot be transported by air transportation.

It functions as “complementary transportation” for other logistics models.

It has a lower risk of damage during the loading, transportation and unloading process.

The packaging fee is lower. The procedure for packaging goods in road transportation is minimum compared to other transportation methods, which must ensure safety for multiple loading and unloading.

It requires cheaper infrastructure investment.

Weather conditions affect road transportation less than sea and air transportation. In this way, delays are less.


Road transportation is a form of transport that offers different options for all volumes of load. It provides the opportunity to produce solutions from the smallest load to project-based loads through vehicles of different sizes and different features. Therefore, choosing the most suitable transportation alternative for your load will reduce your costs.

Here are the main types of road transportation;


Bulk cargo is a load that is transported in large quantities without packaging. For this reason, the transportation vehicles themselves function as containers. Both solid and liquid bulk cargo require particularly careful stacking to reduce cargo loss.

The correct machinery and tools must be used for the handling process as well as the transport process, especially when it comes to hazardous materials such as fuel or chemicals.


If you have a heavy and large load to ship, you need equipment such as cranes or lifting platforms to transport the load. It is important to choose experienced logistics companies in road transportation of heavy goods such as machinery, industrial and construction materials.

All elements of the process are important in heavy load transportation or, with its other name, project transportation. Specially approved vehicles and skilled workers are required to run the operation for such loads.


Dry cargo or general road transportation is the transportation of goods that do not require special transport equipment or conditions. Most of the goods transported by road fall into this category.

Such loads are transported in packs or on pallets. The unit of dry cargo is generally classified as a pallet or container. Packaging classification is made as parcels, sacks or boxes.


Road transportation of dangerous goods, also known as ADR (Agreement on Dangerous Goods) transportation, requires particularly sensitive handling and is subject to a series of legal requirements and specifications. Accidents involving the transport and handling of dangerous goods can have serious consequences for people and the environment. Therefore, such transportations should only be carried out by competent firms as part of the supply chain.


Temperature controlled transportation is another important transportation service. Refrigerator trucks are generally used for transportation in this transportation service. These trucks are designed with an advanced cooling system. They always help keep your goods cool during the transportation process.
This transportation service is not suitable for all products. This method is only necessary for some special products that need proper temperature control. The main and biggest advantage of temperature-controlled transportation service is to prevent sensitive goods from spoiling during transportation.


The load may be in a size that cannot fill a single vehicle. It may need to be taken from different locations or different transportation vehicles may need to be used. There are also road transportation alternatives for these situations.


Used in the industry as LTL for short, this transportation model is designed for shipments that are less than the truckload, larger than the package, but not large enough to require the space of a full truckload trailer.


A full truckload is the transportation of bulk or pallet loads that are usually large enough. This transport model is generally more cost effective. It also requires less handling than LTL. In this way, the possibility of transportation damage is reduced.


Intermodal transportation refers to the transportation typically performed by a combination of rail, ship, and truck. The combination of different transportation modes facilitates the transportation process. Rail transportation reduces fuel consumption. This can reduce costs and offer a reliable method of transportation.


Express load transportation refers to time-critical shipments where the load needs to be delivered quickly. It mostly takes place by truck or air.

By considering the type, amount and packaging of your load, choosing the right logistics option will reduce both your cost and your safety risk. You can get detailed information by contacting us from our contact form for all kinds of questions and road transportation solutions specific to your business.

Road Transportatıon, Its Scope And Advantages