Transportation Services

Road Transport

We are with you in all your logistic processes with vehicles in our wide vehicle fleet and our solution-oriented approach that we promise to our customers. We create solutions for your road transport needs with our flexible and agile structure.

We provide services for transport in the areas of hazardous and flammable materials, pharmaceuticals, automotive, automotive spare parts, white goods, heavy industry products, jet engines, and many other areas, especially the hanging garments transport that we have pioneered in Turkey.

Trackable Transport

Tracking devices in our vehicles allow you to track the location of your cargo instantly.

Sustainable Transport

We support sustainable logistics with our young vehicle fleet with green and quiet Euro-6 engines suitable for the standards. In line with the optimum route that we have determined with the help of software, we reduce our carbon emissions by supporting our road transport activities with the RORO and railways that we carry out by the sea.

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Enco is a company established in 1985, producing logistics solutions and aiming to support its customers at every step of the supply chain.


Road Transport

The transport model, in which products are started their journey after they loaded from our own storages to vehicles and taken to the last point by road, is called road transportation.

RORO Assisted Road Transport

In RORO assisted road transport, products are transported via RORO ships from a harbor to another harbor, transports except for these points are carried out by the road. It is an important alternative for transporting heavy loads, especially in tonnage. It also supports sustainable logistics by reducing the carbon footprint.

Railway Assisted Road Transport

In railway-assisted road transport, products are transported via trains in line with a railway route, and this process is completed by transporting by the road between other points. The most important advantages of railway transport are the fact that it reduces carbon emissions and also it reduces time and cost for long-distance transports.

Intermodal Transport

The intermodal transport, which consists of the integration of all transport types, has gained momentum in recent years, and has started to be preferred more. As Enco, we contribute to less carbon emission and particle formation by choosing intermodal routes in our road transports between Europe and Turkey.

With over 35 years of road transport experience, we provide specialized services to our customers in many different sectors.


Thanks to our road transport experience of more than 35 years, we provide specialized services to our customers in many different sectors.

Partial/Complete Transportation Service

You can use our complete transportation service for your products that fill a vehicle. For your products that do not fill a vehicle, you can use our partial transportation service. In this way, you can share the vehicle with other customers and carry out your transportation at a more affordable price.

Hanging Garments Transport

We ensure that your textile products are carefully transported from the first point to the last point in the hanging garments transport processes that we pioneer in Turkey. We provide fast and safe hanging garments transport services for textile companies. In addition, we facilitate your export and import processes by making quality control of your textile products with our experienced staff.

Sprint Transport

With the sprint transport service, you can ensure that your products arrive at the delivery point in a very short time. The sprint transport, generally carried out by small vehicles, is suitable for the logistics process of products of all sizes. Since this transport model is lighter in tonnage than complete and partial cargo transportation, it is carried out with 2 drivers and without being interrupted because of the weekend restrictions. Therefore, it is fast enough to compete with air transport compared to other types of road transport. We provide fast delivery service to many points in Europe, especially fast logistics service to Germany in 2 days.