Human Resources

Recruitment and Orientation

Competencies are one of the criteria that we attach the most importance to recruitment in order to place people suitable for suitable positions in Enco. We look for the following features in our teammates together with the competencies required by positions;

  • Customer oriented approach,
  • Tendency to teamwork,
  • Being open to development and change,
  • Trust yourself,
  • Strong communication ability,
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship.

In case we need new colleagues, the characteristics required by the task are determined by our Human Resources unit and the manager of the relevant unit. Position information and all other details are shared through career portals on the internet and our Linkedin account.

In line with the incoming applications, we evaluate our colleague candidates with the interviews attended by our Human Resources unit and our relevant unit managers. According to the requirements of the position; competency-based interview, personality analyses/tests and foreign language interview stages are applied. Successful candidates are offered a job and placed in the appropriate position. Each candidate interviewed is definitely informed as a result of positive or negative evaluation.

Our new colleagues are included in the orientation program carried out by the relevant responsible people, especially the employees of our Human Resources department, within the first month they start to work. Within the scope of our orientation program;

  • The mission, vision, and objectives of our company,
  • Introduction of all our departments,
  • Human resources practices in our company,
  • Occupational Health and Safety program,
  • Management system policies of our company,

Are transferred to our new colleagues.