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Multimodal Transportation

Depending on the condition of the load, transportation conducted by using more than one transportation method directly or with changes for continers, are called multimodal. 

Enco is a partner and solution provider which can create your Highway+Sea+Railway transportation according to speed or load requirements and present them to its customer together in an integrated manner.  

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Enco is a company established in 1985, producing logistics solutions and aiming to support its customers at every step of the supply chain.

Advantages of Multimodal Transportation

It is a budget friendly transportation method since it has Fixed Price Policy. 

Since loading, unloading and transportation systems are in order, ensures easy monitoring and control. 

With multimodal transportation which is an eco-friendly method, 75% less carbon emission occurs compated to highway transportation. 

Since it can be conducted regardless of weather or road conditions, it provides fixed transportation durations.