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Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation is a transport way carried out by using many logistic models. This method reduces cargo handling; thus reliability increases. It reduces cargo damages and losses and fastens transport processes. Besides, it is more environmentally friendly than the transports only by the road; it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide gas emitted owing to logistics.

The First Intermodal Logistics Company of Turkey: ENCO

With the pride of being the first intermodal logistics company in Turkey, we offer our customers budget and environmentally friendly, reliable, and fast services. In our intermodal transportation model, we provide service options, equipment flexibility, and fuel cost optimization in accordance with the qualifications of cargo to be transported, within the framework of suitable delivery programs to our customers.


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Enco is a company established in 1985, producing logistics solutions and aiming to support its customers at every step of the supply chain.

Advantages of Intermodal Transportation


It is flexible because it consists of a combination of multiple transport models. It is applicable for different locations and load types.

Budget Friendly

It minimizes costs by enabling the determination of the optimum route.


It offers an environment-friendly transport process by reducing greenhouse gas emissions since maritime and railway transportation is benefited.