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CMR insurance is a liability insurance covering the materials carried by the companies performing international road logistics. According to the CMR convention, the carrier is responsible for the maximum value of 8.33 SDR per kilogram of the damaged, lost or missing material. The SDR is an international currency and the SDR 8.33 corresponds to approximately EUR 9.9.

Transport companies, which are of great importance in terms of import and export activities in Turkey, serve with high risk conditions in the operation processes. These risks entail a number of responsibilities. In the circumstances we are in, it is clear that the responsibilities arising from these risks are very difficult to assume and overcome on one side.

For this reason, an international agreement, which was defined as the CMR Convention adopted by European countries in 1956, was concluded with the idea that the evaluation of the sender and receiver as a whole would be beneficial for the conduct of commercial relations between the sender-transporter-receiver.

CRM, which is an agreement made by the parties believing in its benefits in terms of standardizing the conditions for the carriage of goods by road, especially the documents used for this type of carriage and the carrier’s liability, has also taken its place in Turkish Law since 1955.

In order to avoid possible risks, for shipments above 1 kilogram=8.33 SDR/9.9 Euro, a goods insurance must be made over the actual value of the material sent.