Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

In line with our vision, we aim for continuous development and believe fully in our technology and human resources power. We offer a working environment that will allow our employees to work with high efficiency and create added value by keeping their commitment to the highest level.


We, as Enco,  encourage our employees who are open to innovations, embrace Enco’s goals and strategies, believe in customer-oriented service philosophy, have knowledge of information technologies, are in harmony with the team spirit and regularly refresh their knowledge with trainings in order to contribute to the development in the sector and drive change.

Enco Amenities

We invest in our company infrastructure to increase the motivation of our employees. Our company located in Enco Plaza has facilities such as indoor swimming pool, tennis court, fitness hall, internal restaurant/café, cinema hall. We work to show the importance we attach to our employees at every opportunity, organize events and share within our company on special days.