Transportation Services

Hanging Textile Transportation

We are the brand that the world’s leading textile brands prefers for years with our fast and high quality service.

Your textile import and export processes are easier with Enco, which is the pioneer of coronet hanger textile transportation. We are with you in domestic and international textile transportation with our vehicles in different volumes specially designed for suspended textile transportation.

Hanging Textile Logistics Pioneer Enco

Our company,which ranks first in textile exports, which is based on Turkey’s needs in textile logistics,has become the first practitioner of hanger transportation in Turkey. We are with you in textile logistics with our special equipment in our vehicles, our warehouse area specialized for hanger transportation and our experienced staff.


Advantages of Hanging Textile Transportation

Hanging transportation creates added value in textile transportation. Thanks to the hanger systems in the vehicles, you can carry skirts, shirts, jackets, dresses, trousers and all kinds of textile products you can think of one by one with hangers instead of stacking them with boxes. As your products leave your business, they reach the destination point without wrinkling, deforming, contamination and do not need an extra operation to be displayed. In this way, you save time and cost spent on displaying your products.

With our logistics solutions, we support you at every step of the supply chain.

We are with you in all your logistics processes.

Our Hanging Textile Transportation Services

We provide both domestic and international logistics services for your textile materials in all volumes. We carry world brands with our 35 years of textile transportation experience.

  • Domestic and international hanger textile transportation
  • Service to world brands
  • Vehicles equipped with special equipment
  • Economic solution to the need with different volumes of tools
  • Environmental logistics with intermodal transport
  • Fast service with 35 years of experience
  • Insurance based on the value of your product