Transportation Services

Fair & Event Logistics

Fair and event logistics is a transportation that requires care and special vehicles. We are with you as Enco in storing, transporting, carrying out insurance processes, customs procedures in import or export processes.

Fair and Event Services

We, as Enco, produce special solutions for our customers in events such as domestic and international fairs, congresses, symposiums, exhibitions and concerts. We provide services to brands, stand manufacturers, organization companies that organize events from storage, tracking, insurance transactions to customs processes. We work for you to get the fastest service as soon as possible with our transportation model and vehicles specially designed for the needs of our customers. We use sea, air, land, train and intermodal transportation models to transport your products safely and on time.

Fair Logistics

We produce special solutions for your domestic and international fairs.

Exhibition Logistics

We store and carry art works such as paintings, sculptures for art galleries and exhibition halls with great care.

Congress/Symposium Logistics

We provide logistical support for the equipment to be used in congresses and symposiums held in our country or abroad.

Concert Logistics

We support our customers in the domestic and international logistics of concert equipment such as sound and light systems, stage, monitor, musical instruments.