Transportation Services

ETGB Services

Is electronical commerce customs declaration which can be issued on digital platforms. 

Enco, with the representation authorization certificate it has received, provides micro exporters with the opportunity of delivering their products just by filling ETGB form. With this document used in e-exportation deliveries and cargo deliveries, Enco offers both air and land partnerships to companies engaged in e-commerce or in small exportations. 

Micro Exportation 

Is the name given to the sales of goods to foreign countries with ETGB, on the condition that deliveries weigh less than 300 kilograms and have a maximum product cost of EUR 15.000, excluding VAT. 

It’s Advantages; 

  • Not requiring attorney certificate for customs processes 
  • Exemption from Customs Consultancy Service Price 
  • Exemption from subscriptions paid to exporters associations 
  • Time and speed savings with the ease provided by digital environment 
  • Providing door delivery advantage 

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