The 1st International Customs and Trade Congress took place between May 20-22. Academics and industry-related associations and communities from all over Turkey participated. In the congress, the effects of the developments during and after the pandemic period on foreign trade were discussed.The congress, which brought together the important names of the sector, companies and academics, also discussed the effects of the pandemic on the logistics sector. As ENCO, we presented our “2020 Prediction in Turkey’s Logistics Performance Index: Enco Logistics Example” study, which we carried out together with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurdan Kuşat, Head of Foreign Trade Department of Isparta University of Applied Sciences.In this study, we aimed to reveal how the pandemic process affects Turkey’s logistics performance with the scale called LPE, which the World Bank calls “Logistics Performance Index”. We compared the latest World Bank data announced in 2019 with the evaluations we made in our company ENCO. With the contributions of Assoc. Prof. Nurdan Kuşat, we evaluated the reasons for the differences by considering the pandemic, developing technology, changing laws and innovations in the logistics infrastructure of our country. We also presented the steps that can be taken to increase Turkey’s logistics performance index as a suggestion.The congress booklet, which includes our highly interesting work, especially the academic community, will be published in the following days.
ENCO Evaluates the Sectoral Effects of the Pandemic in 1st International Customs and Trade Congress