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Primarily for Turkey and Europe, we are with you as Enco with our quality and reliable services for your e-commerce applications. We are supporting supply chains in your e-commerce processes both in the country and abroad, from storage space to logistics.  With the services we provide in this regard, we are supporting you at each step in order for you to meet your customers online and conduct your marketing and sales operations in electronical environment. 

Solutions for Every Size of E-Commerce Activities   

Regardless of its volume, we are with you to ease your e-commerce activities; 

  • We are keeping stocks with our modern and technologically infrastructured storages, instead of you. 
  • We are meeting your orders with correct stocks. 
  • By monitoring the order, we are appropriately packaging your products and managing cargo processes. 
  • We are following your return processes and finalize the process by taking encessary actions. 
  • By using secure monitoring system for every step of storage, logistics and reverse logistics processes, we are working with full time service principle.                                                               

E-Exportation Solutions 

With our storages in Turkey and abroad, we are providing supply chain management support to your e-exportation processes. By managing the processes of receiving your products from the supplier, conducting quality control processes, storing and its delivery to final user, we are supporting your e-exportation activities. 

With our logistics solutions, we support you at every step of the supply chain.

We are with you in all your logistics processes.

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Product return 

Product return acceptance 

Product control 

Placing returns 

Return stocks control 

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Transfer your Stock to the Cloud 

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