Warehouse Management



We, as Enco, are at your side with our quality and reliable service in your e-commerce applications, especially in Turkey and Europe. We support logistics from warehouse management in your domestic and international e-commerce processes at every stage of the supply chain. We provide you with support at every step of the way so that you can carry out your marketing and sales activities electronically by meeting your customers on the internet with the services we offer in this regard.


Solutions for E-Commerce Activities at All Scales 

We are here to facilitate the management of your e-commerce activities, regardless of their volume;

  • We enable you to work with zero stock by using our modern and technological infrastructure strong warehouses.
  • We properly package your products and manage the shipping process by tracking your orders.
  • We follow your return procedures and complete the process by performing the necessary procedures.
  • We act with a full-time service understanding by using secure tracking systems for each step of storage, logistics and reverse logistics processes.

E- Export Solutions

We provide supply chain management support in your e-export processes with our warehouses in Turkey and abroad. We support your e-export activities by managing the stages of purchasing your products from the supplier, performing quality control processes, storing and delivering them to the end user.

With our logistics solutions, we support you at every step of the supply chain.

We are with you in all your logistics processes.

Product Storage

  • Product acceptance
  • Warehouse placement
  • Quality Control
  • Process management

Product Order

  • Product collection
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Delivery

Product Return

  • Product return acceptance
  • Product control
  • Return deployment
  • Return stock management

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