Our Logistics Services

Customs Clearance Services

Through customs consultants with Enco, A cards, in all customs of Turkey, in accordance with the directives and rules for Customs legislations, with experienced personnel and online improved dat systems together with EDI – Electronic Data Interchange system, all required customs and consultation services are provided to our customers in a fast and secure fashion. 

Documentation and licencing requirements, all legal processes and protocols are monitored by our personnel with great care. 

We are emphasizing on ensuring that the processes we conduct are fast, unproblematic, transparent and economic and are conducted according to the expectations of our customers. 


  • Internal and External Processing Operations 
  • Identification of Goods Subjected to Quota/Monitoring 
  • Temporary Acceptance and Temporary Exit Processes 
  • T.I.P. Identification, EDI (Electronic Data Interchnge) 
  • Declaration Processes 
  • Foreign Commerce and Customs Feasibility Reports