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What is Storage of Combustibles?

Storage of some products is of utmost importance in storage processes. Special attention needs to be paid for the storage of especially hazardous substances. What is storage of combustibles? Substances which may harm people, animals and environment in its simplest form are called hazardous substances and consist of 9 various categories. Each category is labelled differently and are stored accordingly.  

How Combustibles Should be Stored?

Storage systems and locations of standard and non-hazardous products are quite different. For the storage of combustibles however, storage spaces must be at a distance to living areas. This designated distance is 500 meters.  


Electrical systems which may cause flame or sparks are not used in these storages. Ex-Proof (flameproof, protected against explosions) electrical materials are preferred. At the same time, moisture inside the storage must be periodically controlled and be kept at a desired level.  

 Possible measurements are as follows; 

  1. Storage is protected with 2 lightning rods against lightnings.   
  2. 2 security personnel regularly control the storage.  
  3. Storage is 24/7 monitored by camera system.  
  4. Storage is enclosed via wire cloth or wall and authorized access is emphasized.  

 Main measurements to be taken in combustible storages are these.  

Responsibilitis of the Personnel for Storage of Combustibles.

There are responsibilities of th personnel who are working in storages of hazardous substances. No smoking signs must be placed at certain locations of the storage and flaming materials such as lighter or matches must absolutely not be used. In order to eliminate this risk, all flaming materials of the personnel are removed prior to the entry to the storage.   

Measurements which can be taken against fire hazard are as follows; 

  • Personnel must be trained in fire fighting.  
  • Fire extinguishers must be placed and their conditions must regularly be controlled.  
  • Fire alarms must be placed at regular intervals.  
  • Electrical system must be grounded.  

What are Optimal Storage Features?

Materials of which the storage is made out, must be chosen from materials suitable for hazardous substances. In order to prevent the floor of the storage to be damaged by corrosives, it must be made out of non-corrosive material. In case of chemical materials which may interact with each other are placed in the storage, they are to be placed in different sections of the storage.   

Storage personnel must not wear clothes made out of polyester or nylon. Clothes made out of cotton must be preffered against electrical hazards. Materials inside the storage must not be directly placed on the floor. A minimum of 10 cm distance is suggested for maximum safety.  


Storage of combustibles is an expansive topic and it must be dealt by professionals. If you wish to obtain maximum safety storage for hazardous substances, you can contact Enco and receive professional service. 

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