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What is Cold Chain Logistics?

Even though it is known that cold chain logistics directly related to food industry, it is also used for medicines, special chemicals, special resources and bulk products.  Because the process includes all phases from the production to consumption of the product. Frozen goods are cooled in the production facility at first, if example should be given, then the storage process begins. Transportation of products received from storages to intermediary storages or office storages is conducted by cold chain logistics.

Refrigerators and refrigerated trucks are required for cold chain logistics. 

Frozen goods cannot be transported with vehicles which do not have these features. Possible chemical, physical and microbiological damage on the products are the reasons for this. After the goods have been delivered to the offices from which they will be handed to customers, they must be kept at optimal conditions. Otherwise, their shelf lives may decrease or spoilage can occur.  

Matters to be considered during cold chain logistics are as follows. 

  • Products with desired temperatures must be loaded in transportation vehicles, after production.  
  • Transportation vehicles must be in compliance with cold chain logistics. 
  • Products must be placed in appropriate storages from the transportation vehicles. 
  • When required, they must be re-collected from the storages and loaded into refrigerated vehicles. 
  • Transportation vehicles must deliver the products to the corporations who will sell them.  
  • Temperature conditions must be ensured when transporting from workplace to the consumer. 

If the cold chain process is not well managed, some problems may arise. You can see possible problems as follows; 

  1. They may spoil above -18 degrees.  
  2. Products must not be thawed and refreezed. Only the amount which will be used must be thawed. 
  3. Products cannot be refrozen after they have been thawed. 
  4. During delivery and storing, cold chain process must be controlled. -18 degrees condition must be ensured at all times.  

Products are delivered to consumers without problem, thanks to cold chain logistics. After the production of frozen goods, delivery is the most important phase. You can use Enco’s cold chain service in order not to encounter any problems during delivery.  

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