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Cold Chain Storage

Thousands of products may be damaged as a result of wrong storing. This created adverse results for both the customer and the manufacturer. Products are to be attentively stored before they reach shelves. Cold chain storage is for food, vaccines and medicines which may spoil.  

What is Cold Chain?  

Cold chain consists of the process starting from the production and to consumption of goods susceptible to heat. This is the most direct answer to the question of what is cold chain. Frozen goods, medicines or all food items which may spoil in heat, must be delivered to the customer through cold chian methods. Any problem which may arise in the chain, may cause the products to spoil.  

Cold chain process must be in perfect condition from start to end. It’s most important prat is the storages in which products spend the most time. Cold chain storage creates a major part of this process. Problems in the storages may cause all products to spoil.  

What are the Optimum Cold Chain Storage Conditions?  

Products with the risk of spoilage cannot be stored in regular storages. In order for cold chain process to continue without problems, special storages are needed. These storages are required to have the following features; 

  1. Storage temperature must constantly be controlled and correct temperature must be ensured.  
  2. Frozen products must be kept at -18 degrees.  
  3. Products such as chocolate must be kept at maximum +18 degrees. Minimum temperature is +4 degrees.  
  4. Since frequent electrical shortages would cause problems for the storage, electrical system must be very good.  
  5. Products and temperature of the storage must continuously be controlled by the personnel.  
  6. Infrastructure of the storage must be controlled and even distribution of heat must be ensured. At the same time, it must be ensured that there are no locations from which the heat can escape.  
  7. Moisture balance is of utmost importance and moisture desired for the products must be ensured.  

Cold chain storage must not be conducted in storages not meeting these conditions since it can cause partial or complete spoilage. You can contact Enco for professional cold chain storage.  

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