A Cooperation between ENCO and TEMA Has Been Established!

We add a new one to our  projects every day in order to draw attention to sustainability and to do our part regarding the climate crisis. One of our projects is to turn them into sustainability ambassadors by raising awareness of our employees with the steps we take as a company. For this purpose, we […]

We Evaluated The Abolition of VAT Refund on Fuel Purchases in Austria

We evaluated the regulation amendment made by Austria regarding VAT refund in fuel purchase together with UTIKAD.  Austria, a significant center for logistics firms in transportations to Europe, abolished the VAT refund in fuel purchases, prompting firms to look for different alternatives. These alternatives include being fined by Slovenia at the cost of penalty, returning […]

Support for ITU Solar Car Team from ENCO

In 17 years, we have carried the molds of the new vehicle of the Solar Car Team, which successfully represents our country with 23 awards received in international races. The Solar Car Team won the “Most Struggling Team” trophy in the European Solar Challenge 2020 competition held in Belgium last year and was ranked third, […]

ENCO Evaluates the Sectoral Effects of the Pandemic in 1st International Customs and Trade Congress

The 1st International Customs and Trade Congress took place between May 20-22. Academics and industry-related associations and communities from all over Turkey participated. In the congress, the effects of the developments during and after the pandemic period on foreign trade were discussed. The congress, which brought together the important names of the sector, companies and […]

Logistics Trends – The Future Of The Logistics

Logistics Trends – The Future Of The Logistics It would be useful to take a look at some information before questioning what the logistics trends are and what the future of logistics is. Fifty years ago, in the 1970s, the world population was around three and a half to 4 billion. In 2000, the population […]

Road Transportatıon, Its Scope And Advantages

Road Transportatıon, Its Scope And Advantages Road transportation constitutes approximately 25% of Turkey’s foreign trade activities. The fact that it is a faster transportation model compared to sea transportation and a more convenient transportation model compared to air transportation is among the most important reasons why road transportation is still popular. Also, sea, air and […]


LOGISTICS 4.0 – TECHNOLOGIES AFFECTING THE LOGISTICS INDUSTRY Logistics 4.0 appears as a result of Industry 4.0. Maintaining the logistics processes physically contradicts the principle of efficiency and leads to a decrease in competitive advantage. Setting up these activities with technological infrastructure makes it easier to reduce many expenses, accelerate and follow up processes. Thus, […]

Turkey And Germany Road Transport

Turkey And Germany Road Transport Road transport between Turkey and Germany is one of the busiest shipping routes. There is a an intense logistics circulation with Germany, which accounts for a significant portion of Turkey’s exports and imports. Today, transport between the two countries is now provided not only by road, but also by a […]


TEXTILE TRANSPORT Textile, one of the most important export items of Turkey, is transported to European countries, especially Germany. Textile transport requires a different process from the transport of other products, as it is the logistics of sensitive materials. The products should not be contaminated, exposed to external influences such as moisture, water and heat, […]