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Airfreight Transportation

Goods transported via airline have an advantage of being transported at high speed to their destination. This method is often preferred if a delivery is time sensitive. Also, deliveries transported via airline have higher safety methods in comparison with other methods.

International Airlfreight Transportation in 6 Continents, 115 Countries, and Locations more than 400

As Enco, we provide international airfreight transportation services to many locations of the world with our service points spread over 6 continents. Thanks to advantages granted by our memberships in the reputable air cargo organization WACO (World Air Cargo Organization), of which we are the only authorized agency in Turkey and in IATA (International Air Transport Association), we deliver all our services to all airports of the world with a just-in-time service guarantee. Together with options such as cost-effective airfreight transportation with economical routes, same-day delivery, turnkey transportation to the final point, insurance service, we provide services for many goods from medical goods to hazardous goods.

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Enco is a company established in 1985, producing logistics solutions and aiming to support its customers at every step of the supply chain.

Our Airfreight Transportation Services

  • Economic Transportation
  • Express Transportation
  • Hazardous Goods Transportation
  • Medical Goods Transportation
  • Door-to-door Delivery
  • Airport-to-airport Delivery