About Us

About Us

Enco is a company founded in 1985 that produces logistics solutions and aims to support its customers in every step of the supply chain.

Our Istanbul-based company, which started out with German partnership, serves with its wide fleet in sea, air, road and rail transportation with 110 agency partnerships in 6 continents, 116 countries. It also provides storage and stock management services with its warehouses of over 450.000m3 in Turkey and Germany, equipped with the latest technology.

Our company, which specializes in the field of textile and carries the world’s and Turkey’s leading brands, is also the pioneer of coronet hanging transportation. In addition, it provides services in various sectors such as hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, automobiles, automobile spare parts, jet engines, white goods and food transportation.

In order to announce the Enco brand and the name of our country more to the world our company is expanding its global network year by year. In this direction, it makes infrastructure investments to increase its logistics power in different countries, apart from cooperating with the world’s leading organizations such as WACO.

With the power we get from innovation and technology, we act with a complete supply chain management motto, beyond the traditional transportation understanding. We stand by our customers in all logistics processes with our partners operating around the world, especially in Europe.

Philosophy of Enco

Our priority is customer satisfaction. We know that everything starts with confidence. With our long-term relationships in the sector, we ensure that the needs of our customers are met quickly, with high quality and at affordable costs. We always aim and work one step further, with years of experience.

We constantly improve our processes and business models with the motto of “innovation for quality”!

We integrate our more than 35 years of experience with our investments in technology and innovation. With the innovation-oriented approach we put at the center of our company, we produce solutions for the needs of the changing world. We use all the possibilities of technology to increase the quality of our current business processes, accelerate them and make them suitable for the needs of the age. In addition, we are working to contribute to the infrastructure of the logistics industry, by determining the needs of the sector with our in-house R&D team and developing new projects.









Being a permanent business partner by supporting both national and international activities with solutions shaped to the needs of our customers with the motto of “innovation and sustainability.”


Developing a full supply chain of service from A to Z to facilitate their trading activities around the world for everyone.